2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
    May 26, 2022  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multi-Age, Computer Information Science Licensure

Program Description:

The Multi-Age program leads to the Master of Education degree and/or licensure to teach French, German, Spanish, Latin, or Computer Information Science. This program is designed for three semesters of full-time study and internship.

Upon successful completion of the of the program and passing the appropriate state mandated exam, candidates are eligible to apply for an Ohio Resident Educator four year multi-age license(s) in the concentration areas that apply to the candidate’s preparation: French, German, Spanish, Latin, or Computer Information Science.

The program is designed for full-time study and internship, requiring a Monday through Friday commitment. Students who meet content area requirements and other prerequisites of Wright State’s educator program will be enrolled in this program in a cohort group to begin the program in the summer semester. Prerequisite content requirements are described on the college’s Web site at (http://education-human-services.wright.edu) .

Students will serve as interns in school settings throughout the school year. Therefore, this program operates on a different calendar than the university and candidates may be required to start prior to the beginning of the university’s academic term. The state of Ohio will require a criminal background check as a part of the licensure application.

World language candidates must score “Advanced Low” or better on both the OPI and WPT examinations (this is an accreditation standard). Upon successful completion of the licensure portion of the program and passing the state mandated exam in the assessment of professional knowledge, candidates are eligible for a provisional Multi-Age license in the specific content area.

Admissions Requirements:

In addition to meeting requirements for admission established by the Graduate School, applicants must meet content requirements, and pass the appropriate state mandated content examination(s). World language candidates must score “Advanced Low” or better on both the OPI and WPT examinations (this is an accreditation standard).

Contact the college’s Office of Student Services to learn more about the exams. Candidates are required to present an original score report to the College of Education and Human Services for verification and notification to the Graduate School. Do not send score reports to the Graduate School.

Other admissions criteria include the submission of a program application, a writing sample, and reference forms. The program application is a separate application from the Graduate School application. The accrediting agency for teacher education requires a separate consideration of every candidate seeking to be a teacher.

The program application includes a self-assessment and career objective, content verification, and a checklist regarding conviction of certain crimes (which may prevent the candidate from being licensed as a teacher by the state of Ohio). The faculty reserves the right to conduct an admission interview. Please visit with a Teacher Licensure Advisor to learn the details of the admissions process to the program.

Licensure Only Candidates - Initial License and Additional License

Candidates who wish to complete licensure or endorsement requirements at the graduate level but do not wish to pursue a graduate degree may be admitted as licensure candidates with the permission of the department in which the programs are housed.  Persons pursuing a teacher licensure program are required to complete the Ohio Department of Education prescribed exams for their intended area of licensure.

Licensure only candidates are typically currently licensed teachers who already hold a Master’s degree and only seek an additional license.

Candidates who are not currently licensed, and wish to be a licensure only candidate are required to complete the same admission criteria stated above.

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