2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 28, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, AAS

Program Description for AAS in Elecrical and Computer Engineerig Technology:

This program is designed to accommodate students who are uncertain about the electrical engineering career but desire a career in related technology, and to accommodate students who decide the opposite having started the BSEE program. It also intends to provide a pathway for Lake campus students to obtain BSEE or BSECET degree at Dayton campus.

Admission Requirements:

Follows the adminission requirements of Wright State University - Lake Campus. 

Additional information of pathway to BS degree for AAS in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology:

  • Students complete the 2-year AAS program at the Lake Campus that satisfies 60 hours of credit towards the Dayton Campus BSECET program (60 semester hours).
  • Students must apply for admittance to the Dayton campus BSECET program during the second year and must have completed the AAS degree before enrolling in BSECET or BSEE courses. Students who fail to complete the AAS degree or fail to meet the GPA requirements may still pursue the BSECET or BSEE degree with approval by the Department of Electrical Engineering and may require more than 2 years to complete the remaining portion of the 4-year program.

Program Learning Outcomes for AAS in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology:

  • Students will demonstrate effective written, oral, and digital communication skills
  • Students will demonstrate an applied knowledge of circuit design and analysis, programmable logic controlling, analog and digital signal processing and electronic device and circuits.
  • Students will demonstrate an applied knowledge of math and science in engineering design and analysis
  • Students will apply hands on skills to solve problems and deal with challenging situations in practical electrical engineering probelm solving.
  • Students will develop an understanding of computer engineering through programming courses
  • Students will demonstrate the integration of technology into electrical systems

For more information:

Math, Science, and Engineering Lake Campus

Wright State Core: 18 Hours

Core 1: Communication: 3 Hours

Core 2: Mathematics: 4 Hours

Core 3: Social Science: 3 Hours

Core 4: Natural Science: 5 Hours

Additional Core: 3 Hours

III. Electives: 3 Hours

Total: 60 Hours