2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 30, 2022  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

History, AA

Program Description:

The associate degree in history prepares students to pursue a baccalaureate degree in history. Through exposure to a broad spectrum of human experience in the past and present, students come to understand their relationship to other human beings and the structure of society. The history major is useful to students who wish to seek a career in such fields as teaching, journalism, archival work, government, politics, and law.

Program Requirements:

I. Wright State Core: 38 Hours

Element 1: Communication: 6 Hours

Element 2: Mathematics: 3 Hours

Element 3: Global Traditions: 6 Hours


Element 4: Arts/Humanities: 3 Hours

Element 5: Social Sciences: 6 Hours

Element 6: Natural Sciences: 8 Hours

Additional Core Courses: 6 Hours


Multicultural Competence (MC)

Two Multicultural Comptence (MC) Core courses are required

Writing Across the Curriculum (IW)

Two Integrated Writing (IW) Core courses are required

II. Departmental Requirements: 9 Hours

III. Related Requirements: 12 Hours

  • Beginning Language Course (1010 level) Credit Hour(s): 3
  • Beginning Language Course (1020 level) Credit Hour(s): 3
  • Intermediate Language Course (2010 level) Credit Hour(s): 3
  • Intermediate Language Course (2020 level) Credit Hour(s): 3

IV. Elective: 1 Hour

Total: 60 Hours

Graduation Planning Strategy

The Graduation Planning Strategy (GPS) has been created to illustrate one option to complete degree requirements within a particular time frame. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to adjust this plan based on credit already earned, individual needs or curricular changes that may not be reflected in this year’s catalog.