2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 17, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business Minor

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Program Requirements:

Required Cultural Competency: 6 Hours

  • Linguistic component: Complete one (1) three credit modern foreign language course at or above 1010 level.
  • Complete a second modern foreign language class OR Complete a cultural elective from:

AFS 4040 The African Diaspora  
ATH 2150 Comparative Nonwestern Cultures 
ATH 3000 Peoples of Native America 
ATH 3010 Peoples and Cultures of Africa 
ATH 3020 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia  
GEO 2210 Nonwestern Human Environments 
GEO 3100 Economic Geography 
GEO 3300 World Regional Geography 
HST 3300 Survey of African History 
HST 3400 Studies in Asian History 
HST 3450 Studies in Middle Eastern History 
HST 3500 Topics in Latin American History 
ML 2020 Chinese Culture through Film 
ML 2030 Spanish Culture 
PLS 2220 International Politics 
PLS 2510 Comparative Nonwestern Social Systems 
PLS 3020 Introduction to Comparative Politics 
PLS 3560 Politics and Society in France 
PLS 3700 International Theory 
PLS 4060 Globalization 
PLS 4510 Contemporary African Politics 
PLS 4520 International Human Rights  
PLS 4530 Politics of Russia 
PLS 4540 Politics of the Middle East 
PLS 4550 Politics of Iraq 
PLS 4560 Politics of Europe 
PLS 4570 Politics of Developing Nations 
PLS 4580 Latin American Politics 
PLS 4590 Contemporary Brazil 
PLS 4620 US- India-Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations 
PLS 4640 Politics of Israel and Palestine 
PLS 4660 Political Institutions and Issues- South Asia 
PLS 4670 Chinese Domestic Politics 
PLS 4710 International Law 
PLS 4770 International Organization 
PLS 4850 Chinese Foreign Policy 
REL 2060 Asian Religions 
REL 2320 Nonwestern Religions 
REL 3120 Modern Jewish Thought 
REL 3300 Topics in Islam 
REL 3310 Introduction to Islam 
REL 3320 Islam in the Modern World 
REL 3400 Topics in Asian Religion 
REL 3410 Chinese Religions 
REL 3420 Japanese Religions 
REL 3430 Buddhism 
REL 3440 Hinduism 
REL 3450 Daoism 
REL 3460 Confucianism 
REL 3470 Zen Buddhism 
REL 3480 Hindu Mythology 
REL 3490 Hindu Goddesses 
REL 3530 Asian Religious Ethics 
REL 3540 Asian Religions and Ecology 
REL 3550 Human Rights in China 
WGS 4200 Women and Gender in International Perspective 
WGS 4250 Women and Gender in International Perspective  

Total: 18 Hours

Note: With department approval, a 3000 or higher international business course for which the required prerequisites have been completed may be substituted for MKT 3300 International Marketing .

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