2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    Feb 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Psychology, AA, Lake Campus (GPS)

This plan outlines a two-year path to graduation. You are expected to satisfy all “success marker” courses, grades, and GPAs as specified. For part-time students and students needing to complete background material, this schedule represents the order in which courses should be taken. This suggested plan to two-year graduation does not replace regular advising appointments. Some course offerings may change.

Term One

Total: 14 Credit Hours

SUCCESS MARKERS: Notes: ENG 1100  is a prerequisite for ENG 2100 . Students must earn at least a C in both ENG courses; PSY 2010  is the prerequisite for all PSY courses;

Term Two

  • Credit Hour(s): 4
  • PSY Elective #1 (Select from PSY 2000-4990) Credit Hours: 3
  • CORE - Wright State Core Element 4 Credit Hour(s): 3
  • CORE - Wright State Core Element 5 Credit Hour(s): 3
  • CORE - Wright State Core Element 6 Credit Hour(s): 4

Total: 17 Credit Hours

Term Three

Total: 16 Credit Hours

Term Four

Total: 13 Credit Hours

SUCCESS MARKERS: Notes: STT 1600  is a prerequisite for PSY 3010 , which is required when continuing on for a Psychology B.A. or B.S.


At the Lake Campus, the following classes are offered within the PSY core. Basic Processes classes include PSY 3210 - Cognition and Learning  and PSY 3610 - Conditioning and Learning . Integration of Basic Processes include PSY 3110 - Abnormal Psychology , PSY 3310 - Personality Psychology , PSY 3410 - Lifespan Development Psychology  and PSY 3510 - Social Psychology 

Program Description

What is psychology?

Psychology involved the scientific investigation into the mental and physiological processes, as well as the social and situational factors underlying the behaviors of human and non-human animals. The knowledge obtained from these investigations contributes to new understanding and may be used to address important problems and challenges in society.

Career Opportunities

How to think about your career and job opportunities with an undergraduate degree (AA) in psychology

An undergraduate education in psychology at Wright State provides a strong foundation in psychological theory and research. It also provides the opportunity to develop valuable communication skills, both oral and written. With these insights and highly marketable skills, psychology majors have the flexibility to pursue jobs and careers in which these needs exist.

Additional Comments

  1. See your advisor for English and Math Placement policies
  2. WSU Core courses should NOT be confused with PSY Core courses
  3. Global Traditions (IW, MC) fulfills 3 requirements in the WSU Core: (1) Global traditions, (2) Integrative Writing (IW), and (3) Multicultural Competence (MC).
  4. Success Marker Courses should be taken in the order listed.

Learn how to produce and navigate through YOUR Degree Audit Report (DARs) DARs reports provide important details on course requirements, credit hours, and other obligations necessary for your individual progress at Wright State. Knowing how to accurately read your DARs will save you time, and possible frustration. Consult your academic advisor about the importance of DARs.

Campus Contact Information

For information, stop by or call Dr. Hochstein’s office, 262 Dwyer (419-586-0346) or Michelle Smith’s office, 230-C Dwyer (419-586-0245).  You can also email us at dave.hochstein@wright.edu or michelle.smith@wright.edu.