2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 28, 2023  
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geography, BS

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Program Description:

Geography is the study of the location and interrelationships of human and physical phenomena on the earth’s surface. Because of its emphasis on spatial organization and distribution of these phenomena, geography has a broad cross-disciplinary base. Such topics of study as cartography, climatology, landform analysis, photogrammetry and remote sensing, settlement theory, spatial interaction, and urban morphology indicate the breadth of contemporary geography. The undergraduate major in geography includes the study of cultural, economic, physical, and regional geography, as well as cartography, quantitative methods, and field work. Backgrounds in the natural and social sciences, humanities, statistical methods, and computer programming are useful to the geography major.

The geography program allows students to select a curriculum best suited to their particular interests. Geography majors select a program leading to either a Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in geography focuses on examining the processes of formation and the characteristics of the cultural landscape. Students select an area of study from physical geography, resource analysis land management, or economic geography.

The Bachelor of Science program in geography emphasizes technical skills and logic. Courses in physical, economic, and social geography and in cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information are emphasized in the program. These courses are complemented by courses in mathematics, philosophy, and computer science.

Geography may be selected as an academic major, as a secondary teaching concentration in a social science or earth science program, or as part of an elementary teaching major. Students majoring in geography may qualify for licensure at the secondary level by meeting the minimum requirements in professional education courses for licensure by the state of Ohio. Because of sequential requirements and prerequisites, students are strongly urged to consult with a geography advisor before registering. Geography majors may participate in the department’s internship program. The internship is designed to complement geography students’ class work and gives them experience in the actual work environment. Students interested in the internship should contact the departmental coordinator of the program or their advisor.

Geography Honors Program

The geography honors program allows superior students to work on a geographic problem of their own choosing. Applicants must be majors in geography, have senior standing with 36 hours of geography courses to their credit, and meet certain minimum GPAs. Candidates are required to complete an honors project under the direction of a geography faculty member. Successful completion of the project, including written and oral project reports, carries four academic credits and entitles students to graduate with honors in geography. Geography honors students are encouraged to participate in the University Honors Program; interested students should contact the departmental coordinator of the program.

Program Requirements:

I. Wright State Core: 39 Hours

Element 1: Communication: 6 Hours

Element 2: Mathematics: 4 Hours


Element 3: Global Traditions: 6 Hours

Element 4: Arts and Humanities: 3 Hours

Element 5: Social Sciences: 6 Hours

Element 6: Natural Sciences: 8 Hours

Additional Core Courses: 6 Hours

II. Departmental Requirements: 50-51 Hours

Major Requirements:

Physical/Skills: 18-19 Hours

Choose 6 from

Economic/Social: 9 Hours

Choose 3 from

III. Related Requirements

IV. Research Requirements: 15 Hours

V. Electives: 19-20 Hours

Total: 124 Hours

Graduation Planning Strategy

The Graduation Planning Strategy (GPS) has been created to illustrate one option to complete degree requirements within a particular time frame. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to adjust this plan based on credit already earned, individual needs or curricular changes that may not be reflected in this year’s catalog.

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