2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Feb 25, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multi-Age Education Graduate Licensure

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Program Description

Why choose the Multi-Age Education Program?

This program will lead to an Ohio Teaching license for grades K-12 in either a world language or in computer information science. The MA graduate licensure program offers multiple courses in which candidates learn to teach subject-specific K-12 content while earning a Master of Education degree and eligibility for licensure. The program also integrates coursework with extensive school internship hours, culminating in an academic year long field experience and full-time student teaching. Applicants to the graduate program must have a bachelor’s degree, meet content requirements, pass state required content area licensure examinations, and meet all admission requirements.

Upon successfully completing the licensure portion of the program and passing licensure exams, candidates are eligible for an Ohio Multi-Age Resident Educator License.  Licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state, and we have not determined if this program meets educational requirements outside of Ohio. If you are planning to pursue professional licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please contact the appropriate licensing entity in that state to seek information and guidance regarding that state’s licensure or certification requirements.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree and C or better in undergraduate prerequisite foundational education courses, preliminary field experiences, and required prerequisite content area courses.
  • Either passing one of the following Reading scores:
    • ​​​​-ACT Reading score of 22 or better
    • -SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 543 or better
    • -ETS Praxis Core Reading score of 168 or better
  • And one of the following Math scores:
    • -ACT Math score of 22 or better
    • -SAT Math score of 533 or better
    • -ETS Praxis Core Math score of 162 or better
  • And one of the following Writing scores: (beginning 2021) 
    • -ACT Writing score of 6 or better
    • -SAT Essay Writing Dimension score of 5 or better
    • -ETS Praxis Core Writing score of 165 or better


GRE scores at or above the 50th percentile on each subtest

  • 2.75 or higher cumulative undergraduate GPA
  • Passing score on the Dispositional Assessment: Candidate Disposition Inventory (CDI) from ED 2650 and ED 2750 
  • Passing score on the Ohio Assessments for Educators content exam specific to license area sought

Licensure Only Candidates – Initial License and Additional License

Candidates who wish to complete licensure or endorsement requirements at the graduate level but do not wish to pursue a graduate degree may be admitted as licensure candidates with department and program permission. Persons pursuing a teacher licensure only program are required to complete the Ohio Department of Education prescribed exams.

Licensure only candidates in Multi-Age Education are typically currently licensed teachers who already hold a master’s degree and only seek an additional license in Multi-Age Education.

Candidates who are not currently licensed and wish to be a licensure only candidate are required to complete the same admission criteria stated above.

Program Learning Outcomes

Ohio Standards for Teaching Profession

  • Standard 1. Teachers understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of the students they teach.
  • Standard 2. Teachers know and understand the content area for which they have instructional responsibility.
  • Standard 3. Teachers understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction, evaluate and ensure student learning.
  • Standard 4. Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction that advances the learning of each individual student.
  • Standard 5. Teachers create learning environments that promote high levels of learning and achievement for all students.
  • Standard 6. Teachers collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, administrators and the community to support student learning.
  • Standard 7. Teachers assume responsibility for professional growth, performance and involvement as an individual and as a member of a learning community.


American Council on Teaching Foreign Language (ACTFL) Standards: World Languages Concentration

  • Standard 1. Communication Communicate in Languages Other Than English.
  • Standard 2. Cultures Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures.
  • Standard 3. Connections Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information.
  • Standard 4. Comparisons Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture.
  • Standard 5. Communities Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home & Around the World.


Ohio Computer Information Science Standards: Computer Information Science (CIS) Concentration

  • Standard 1. Candidates have knowledge of the foundations of computer information science.
  • Standard 2. Candidates have knowledge of instructional strategies as they relate to computer information science.
  • Standard 3. Candidates have knowledge of the learner, equity, efficacy, and the environment.
  • Standard 4. Candidates have knowledge of assessment strategies for computer information science.
  • Standard 5. Candidates have knowledge of professional development.
  • Standard 6. Candidates have knowledge of field experiences and clinical practices as they relate to the teaching of computer information science.

Program Requirements:

Multi-Age Education Graduate Licensure
Candidates for Licensure in Multi-Age Education are required to complete the prescribed program of study listed below. Candidates will concentrate in either Computer Information Science or World Languages. All CIS and WL candidates will complete the following set of courses

Computer Information Science Licensure Concentration

All CIS Licensure candidates are required to take the following courses:

World Languages Licensure Concentration

All WL Licensure candidates are required to take the following courses:

Total: 27 Hours

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