2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

The Wright State Core Requirements

The Wright State Core Requirements

The Wright State Core is divided into six Elements. The Elements are the foundational skills, the broad areas of knowledge and practice, and the global, historical, and cultural perspectives that together provide Wright State University students with the ability to negotiate their roles successfully and constructively in a changing world. Even more than in the past, graduates must be proficient in all methods of communication, must be able to use and interpret mathematical and statistical information, and must understand the methods of inquiry of the historian, the scientist, and the humanist.

IW = Integrated Writing course
MC = Multicultural Competence course
T = Ohio Transfer Module course

Students must complete a minimum of 38 hours in the Core distributed across the six Elements as displayed below:

Element 1: Communication

Foundational skills students need in academic discourse, research, and documentation in an electronic environment

First-Year Writing Course
Three Credit Hours Minimum

Second-Year Writing Course
Three Credit Hours Minimum

Additional Communication Courses

Element 2: Mathematics

Foundational skills required to use and interpret mathematics and statistics

One Course
Three Credit Hours Minimum

Element 3: Global Traditions

Historical analysis and global perspectives necessary to understand our diverse world

One Interdisciplinary global studies course
Three Credit Hours Minimum

One History Course
Three Credit Hours Minimum

Element 4: Arts/Humanities

Tools for analysis and appreciation of the arts, philosophy, and religious thought

One Course
Three Credit Hours Minimum

Element 5: Social Science

Perspectives on human behavior and culture informed by the disciplines of the social sciences

Two Courses from Different Disciplines
Six Credit Hours Minimum

Element 6: Natural Science

Introductions to the scientific understanding of physical and biological phenomena

Two Lecture/Lab Science Courses
Eight Credit Hours Minimum

Additional Core Courses

Six Credit Hours Minimum
Two additional approved Wright State Core courses from any of the Elements (some programs may designate these courses)

Multicultural Competence

Two multicultural competence courses from any of the Wright State Core MC designated courses, study abroad courses, or service-learning courses.

Total Hours Required = 38

Note: A course listed in two or more elements may be used to meet only one element requirement.

For additional information about the Wright State Core, please refer to policy 4130.