College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science
Program Type: 
Urban Affairs and Geography
Four Year Graduation Plan: 
Three Year Degree Plan: 
Program Description: 

Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs is an interdisciplinary program offering a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students learn about the urban environment as a complex system. They study theories and practices of urban development processes from an interdisciplinary perspective. The program develops core competencies that include quantitative and qualitative analysis, effective communications, systems thinking, and consensus building and teamwork. The program is designed to prepare students for junior- or entry-level positions in local government and nonprofit organizations or to embark on a graduate program. 

Students must have at least a 2.3 GPA or receive a special waiver from the chair to be admitted to the major. Interested students may apply for admission after meeting college admission requirements. Majors are required to complete a common core of courses and a concentration in one of four areas: community development, criminal justice, public administration, or urban social/physical planning. 

Urban Affairs students are required to participate in the department's internship program. The internship is designed to complement class work and give students experience in the professional work environment. Students interested in the internship should contact the departmental coordinator of the program or their advisor. Students currently working in a related field may have the internship requirement waived. 

For further information about the program and admission criteria and procedures, students should contact the Department of Urban Affairs and Geography.

Urban Affairs Honors Program 
The Urban Affairs Honors Program provides an opportunity for students to achieve their highest possible level of intellectual attainment. Urban Affairs majors of superior academic ability are invited to apply. A student may enter either upon successful application or at the invitation of the Urban Affairs Honors Committee. To be eligible, the student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better in all course work completed at Wright State University. It is recommended that students apply to enter the program during their junior year and no later than the first quarter of their senior year. 

Honors students are required to complete all urban affairs degree requirements, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all course work, complete URS 4110 (senior seminar) with a grade of A, defend orally the seminar paper to a committee composed of the URS Honors Committee and the faculty advisor for the seminar paper, and complete at least one University Honors Seminar. 

Program Requirements: 


I. Wright State Core 38
Element 1: Communication 6
Element 2: Mathematics 3
Element 3: Global Traditions 6
Element 4: Arts and Humanities 3
Element 5: Social Sciences 6
Element 6: Natural Sciences 8
Additional Core Courses 6
II. Departmental Requirements 36

Core Courses:

URS 3000, 3450, 3300, 4270, 4990


Required Courses:

URS 3100



Six Electives selected from:

URS 3200, 3210, 3460, 4200, 4210, 4230, 4240,

4260, 4280, 4290, 4300, 4310, 4320, 4330,

4340, 4390, 4400, 4410, 4420, 4430, 4450,

4460, 4480, 4490, 4500, EC 4400, GEO 4410,

4430, 4440

III. Related Requirements 10
ENG 3000 or 3610 3
GEO 3600 3
CS 1011 3
IV. Research Requirements 13-14
Math 2280 4
PLS 2100 OR STT 2640 3-4
EC 4400 3
URS 4980 3
V. Electives 27-28