The Wright State Core is an integrated program of courses and experiences that provides students with the breadth of skills, knowledge and understanding expected of university graduates. The Wright State Core helps students develop the knowledge and skills essential for critical thinking, creative problem solving, meaningful civic engagement, multicultural competence, appreciation for the arts, and life-long learning.

The mission of the Wright State Core is to provide students with innovative and dynamic opportunities designed to engage learners in becoming active, conscientious, educated citizens of a diverse world. A university degree goes beyond preparing graduates for a profession; it transforms their lives and their communities. Wright State graduates will have the ability to apply insights from multiple disciplines to engage effectively with a diverse world.

Core Requirements by Element

Elements Required Distributions Hours
1. Communication

One freshman composition course

One second-year writing course

2. Mathematics One course 3
3. Global Traditions

One interdisciplinary Global Studies course

One history course

4. Arts/Humanities One course 3
5. Social Science Two courses from different disciplines 6
6. Natural Science Two lecture/lab science courses 8
Additional Core Courses Two additional approved Wright State Core courses from any of the Elements (some programs may designate these courses) 6
Multicultural Competence As part of the Core, in addition to the interdisciplinary Global Studies course (Element 3), students must take a second designated multicultural competence course in any Element, or as an additional course within the Core N/A
Writing Across the Curriculum As part of the Core, students must take two Integrated Writing (IW) Core courses N/A
TOTAL 12 courses 38