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College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
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The philosophy major explores the basic questions of human existence, questions of value, aesthetics, ethics, logic, science, and meaning. Students discover the history of ideas and learn how to evaluate arguments, understand multiple points of view and develop clear and logical thinking.

The major consists of 10 courses, 4 of which must be in the areas of History of Philosophy, Value Theory, and Core Courses (at least one each). The other 6 are open electives in Philosophy. Philosophy majors must also take PHL 2230 for their quantitative methods course.

The requirements in the major are designed to allow students the freedom to study what interests them most. It also enables students to explore other disciplines or technical fields. Philosophy is an excellent choice for students who seek a well-rounded liberal education and is excellent preparation for those who intend to pursue further training in professional disciplines such as law, medicine, or theology.

Philosophy Minor

A minor in Philosophy is available for students unable to fit the major into their program. It consists of 3 courses one in each areas (History of Philosophy, Value Theory, and Core Courses) plus 4 Philosophy electives.

Philosophy Honors Program

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or better in Philosophy may apply to do an Honors project. An Honors project involves independent study with a faculty mentor. It will usually extend over two consecutive terms and earn six hours of credit upon its successful completion. The project will normally culminate in the writing of a major research paper (25-30 pages) or a series of related shorter papers during the second term and an oral defense of the project with the Department faculty.

Program Requirements: 


I. Wright State Core 38
Element 1: Communication 6
Element 2: Mathematics 3
Element 3: Global Traditions 6
Element 4: Arts and Humanities 3
Element 5: Social Sciences 6
Element 6: Natural Sciences 8
Additional Core Courses 6
II. Departmental Requirements 30

Four Area Courses with at least one from each:

History of Philosophy

Value Theory

Core Curriculum

Six Electives 18
III. Related Requirements  
IV. College Requirements 18
Foreign Language 12

Through 2020 level (1010, 1020, 2010, 2020) of one language:

Spanish, French, German, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, American Sign Language or other.

Methods of Inquiry  

Quantitative Methods


One Course from:

COM 4490, MUS 4140, PLS 2100, SW 2910, SOC 3400, URS 4980, SOC 3410, MS 2040


Qualitative Methods

PHL 2230

V. Electives 38
Total 124