College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Program Type: 
Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures
Four Year Graduation Plan: 
Program Description: 

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures is devoted exclusively to the training and education of undergraduate students in the areas of dance, motion pictures, and theatre. These programs lead to the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. 

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures is empowered by the Ohio Revised Code to require particular preliminary training or talent for admission to specific programs, and each of the five B.F.A. degree programs has specific criteria for admission to each level of training. Students in all areas must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 by the end of the freshman year to continue in a theatre arts major. Students who wish to be admitted as majors in acting, acting/musical theatre, or dance must successfully pass an audition or interview. Transfer students are admitted into B.F.A. programs on the basis of a successful audition, interview, or portfolio presentation. The department has an open admissions policy for students wishing to major in the B.A. programs in theatre studies and motion pictures history, theory, and criticism, and B.F.A. programs in design/technology and motion pictures production. 

All students who return after an absence of four or more consecutive quarters must reapply to the faculty for readmission to the program, and at the discretion of the faculty they may be required to satisfy program requirements in effect at the time of readmission. Details of the admission and retention policy are detailed in the Department of Theatre Arts Student Handbook.

Motion Pictures

The program in motion pictures provides a study of film as a fine art. The curriculum offers two options: the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre with a concentration in motion pictures production and the Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre with a concentration in motion pictures history, theory, and criticism.

The B.A. Program

Students who are interested in the B.A. program generally follow the same program of study for the first year as the B.F.A. students, except without taking MP 1800. At the end of the freshman year, B.A. students should indicate to the faculty their intention to return to the program. A B.A. degree in motion pictures can be thought of as a general liberal arts degree, preparing one for entrance into professions requiring knowledge of contemporary culture. More specifically, the B.A. degree can prepare one for graduate study in film and subsequent employment as a professional writer or teacher in a university; other job options include working for a film archive, festival, library, museum, arts council, or publisher.


Motion Pictures Honors Program

The honors program in motion pictures provides students of superior academic ability with the opportunity to broaden and demonstrate their skills. To earn a degree with honors, students must complete the departmental major requirements, maintain a superior GPA throughout their course of studies, and successfully complete a senior honors project, MP 4990, sometime in their senior year. To be admitted to the honors program, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 in their major and an overall GPA of 3.25. Both B.A. and B.F.A. students should contact the coordinator of the motion pictures area or the department chair for further details.

Program Requirements: 


I. Wright State Core 38
Element 1: Communication 6
Element 2: Mathematics 3
Element 3: Global Traditions 6

Element 4: Arts and Humanities

Required: ART 2140 or TH 2140

Element 5: Social Sciences 6
Element 6: Natural Sciences 8
Additional Core Courses 6
II. Departmental Requirements 39
MP 1310, 2310, 2320, 3340 12

27 Additional hours in motion pictures history, theory,

and criticism chosen from: MP 3310, 3320, 3330, 4350

III. Related Requirements 15
Two courses from PHL beyond the Methods of Inquiry course 6
Three courses from: ART (History), PLS, REL, TH, WMS 9
IV. College Requirements 18

Foreign Language

Through 2020 level (1010, 1020, 2010, 2020) of one language:

Spanish, French, German, Greek, Latin, Chinese,

Russian, Italian, Japanese, or other.

Methods of Inquiry  

Quantitative Methods

One Course from:

COM 4490, MUS 4140, PLS 2100, SW 2910,

SOC 3400, URS 4980, SOC 3410, MS 2040


Qualitative Methods

One Course from:

PHL 2150, PHL 2230, PHL 3230, PHL 4710, PHL 4720

V. Electives 14
Total 124