College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Program Type: 
Modern Languages
Four Year Graduation Plan: 
Three Year Degree Plan: 
Program Description: 

The Department of Modern Languages offers majors in French, German, Spanish, and Modern Languages (a combination of three languages), along with collaborative majors in International Business and International Studies. Students can minor in French, German, or Spanish, Chinese Studies, Russian Studies, and they can take classes in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian. 

The university has foreign study programs in Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and other countries; the department strongly encourages its majors and minors to spend some time abroad. Different programs allow students to study from three weeks to an entire year in a foreign country.

Language courses offered by the department combine training in oral and written language proficiency with study of the culture and literary heritage of countries other than our own. The department also offers applied language courses such as Business French/German/Spanish to help students enhance their career opportunities. Graduates, especially if they have additional training in another discipline, will be prepared for a wide variety of careers. 

Students who wish to teach French, German, or Spanish in Ohio public schools earn the Bachelor of Arts degree in the respective major and then take a graduate teacher preparation program through the College of Education and Human Services at Wright State or at another university. Requirements for admission to the WSU program, which currently offers preparation in only two languages (French and Spanish), include a minimum grade point average of 2.7, C or better grades in all undergraduate content courses, admission testing, and interviews. Graduates are eligible for the Multi-Age License through the Ohio Department of Education. 

Undergraduate Language Requirement, College of Liberal Arts 
Students majoring in all Bachelor of Arts programs within the College of Liberal Arts must complete a sequence of courses in a foreign language (Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, or Spanish) through the 202 level, demonstrate proficiency at the 202 level through examination, or take a six-quarter sequence of courses in American Sign Language (ASL 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203). Students with no foreign language background will take 101, 102, 103, 201, and 202; those who have studied a foreign language previously can place into this sequence at their skill level (see information below on placement tests). Each course in the sequence is the prerequisite for the next one, so once students start the sequence, they may skip ahead only with permission from their professor and the department chair. 

Students who graduated from high school before 1987 are required to take language classes only through 103 or demonstrate proficiency at that level. 

High School Deficiencies 
Wright State students, even those in majors that do not normally require study of a foreign language, must take three quarters of a language if they did not pass at least two years of a single foreign language in high school. 

Students may take a free computerized placement test in the department office (325 Millett) or the language lab (303 Millett) to determine the appropriate starting point for them within the sequence of language courses. The test takes about 20 minutes, and it can be taken at any time during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Generally, students with up to two years of foreign language in high school place into 101, 102, or 103. Those who have studied for three or more years in high school and received grades of "B" or better generally place into 201 or 202. Students are asked to check the department's website for details regarding times when they can take the placement examinations.

Credit by Examination 
Students who place into and attain a grade of C or better in language classes above 101 or 111 (102-203) may buy undergraduate credits for sequenced courses. 

Proficiency Credits in French, German, and Spanish 
Proficiency credit in French, German, and Spanish may be earned in two areas: 300-level conversation courses (4 credit hours) and 300-level composition courses (8 credit hours). 

Proficiency in Languages other than French, German, and Spanish 
Students who claim a language other than English as their native language may complete their foreign language requirement by taking one of several 300-level English courses (ENG 350-ENG 359) or by taking a proficiency exam administered by that department. These students should contact the English Department for further information. Native speakers who would like to take a proficiency examination in a language other than English, French, German, or Spanish, may do so elsewhere by agreement with the department. It is the responsibility of students to arrange for such tests. 

Master of Education: Classroom Teacher, Modern Languages 
Currently credentialed teachers may wish to pursue the degree of "Master of Education: Classroom Teacher, Modern Languages" through Wright State's College of Education and Human Services. This degree requires 48 graduate credit hours of study, half of them in education and half of them in modern languages.

Program Requirements: 


I. Wright State Core 38
Element 1: Communication 6
Element 2: Mathematics 3
Element 3: Global and Cultural Studies 6
Element 4: Arts and Humanities 3
Element 5: Social Sciences 6
Element 6: Natural Sciences 8
Additional Core Courses 6
II. Departmental Requirements 39
FR 2010 (Intermediate French I) 3
FR 2020 (Intermediate French II) 3
FR 3110 (French Conversation) 3
FR 3120 (Communication in French) 3
FR 3210 (Writing in French ) 3
FR 3220 (Advanced Writing in French) 3
FR 3310 (Survey of French Literature) 3
FR 3320 (Survey of Francophone Culture and 3
FR 3510 (French Civilization) 3
FR 3610 (French Phonetics) 3
FR 3000 or 4000 level Elective 3
FR 4000 level Electives 6
III. Related Requirements 3

a 2000- or 3000-level ML course


a 3000- or 4000-level FR course

IV. College Requirements 6
Methods of Inquiry  

Quantitative Thinking

One Course from:

COM 4490, MUS 4140, PLS 2100, SW 2910,

SOC 3400, SOC 3410, URS 4980


Qualitative Thinking

One Course from: PHL 2150, PHL 2230,

PHL 3230, PHL 4710, PHL 4720

V. Electives 38
Total 124