College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Program Type: 
English Language and Literatures
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Program Description: 

The TESOL Program acquaints students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to teach English as a second or foreign language. The Graduate Certificate in TESOL is open to any qualified Wright State graduate student, regardless of program. It is available to nondegree students and to students in the English M.A. program in Literature or in Composition and Rhetoric, as well as the Master of Humanities program.

Admissions Requirements: 

A grade of B or better in an upper-division introductory linguistics course taken within the last five years is the only prerequisite to the certificate program. Students may fulfill this requirement by taking either ENG 4710 or ENG 6710 (Introduction to Linguistics) before beginning the certificate program or during the fall quarter in conjunction with fall quarter courses.

In order to be admitted into the program, nonnative speakers of English must obtain a TOEFL score of 250 (600), or for conditional admission 213 (550). Students will be tested upon beginning the program and may be required to take ESL courses to improve their English skills.

Program Requirements: 
I. Required Courses Hours
ENG 6710 or ENGL 4719: Intro to Linguistics 3
ENG 6750 TESOL Grammar 3
ENG 6760 TESOL Assessment 3
ENG 6730 TESOL Theory and Culture 3
ENG 6740 TESOL Practices & Materials 3
ENG 6940 TESOL Internship 3
Total 18