College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Program Type: 
English Language and Literatures
Teach English as a Foreign Language
Program Description: 

Certificate Program in TEFL

A certificate program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language provides the basic knowledge and skills necessary to teach English overseas. Unlike the TESOL certificate, the TEFL certificate focuses exclusively on English as a foreign language, addressing the special circumstances and resulting challenges involved in teaching students English in their home country. Four courses and a practicum provide the requisite knowledge in language, theory, culture, and classroom teaching of English abroad. The TEFL certificate is open to any major or nondegree student who has completed ENG 1020. In order to receive the certificate, a student must earn a 3.0 average for the courses in the program. Interested students should contact their department advisor or the director of TESOL programs for further information.

Program Requirements: 


TEFL Certificate Requirements  
ENG 4710 Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENG 4790 TEFL Practices and Materials 3
ENG 4700 TEFL Theory and Culture 3
ENG 4950 TEFL Workshop 3
ENG 4940 TESOL Internship 3
II. Related Requirements  
Total 15