College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Program Type: 
Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures
Stage Management
Four Year Graduation Plan: 
Program Description: 

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures is devoted exclusively to the training and education of undergraduate students in the areas of dance, motion pictures, and theatre. These programs lead to the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. 

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures is empowered by the Ohio Revised Code to require particular preliminary training or talent for admission to specific programs, and each of the five B.F.A. degree programs has specific criteria for admission to each level of training. Students in all areas must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 by the end of the freshman year to continue in a theatre arts major. Students who wish to be admitted as majors in acting, acting/musical theatre, or dance must successfully pass an audition or interview. Transfer students are admitted into B.F.A. programs on the basis of a successful audition, interview, or portfolio presentation. The department has an open admissions policy for students wishing to major in the B.A. programs in theatre studies and motion pictures history, theory, and criticism, and B.F.A. programs in design/technology and motion pictures production. 

All students who return after an absence of four or more consecutive quarters must reapply to the faculty for readmission to the program, and at the discretion of the faculty they may be required to satisfy program requirements in effect at the time of readmission. Details of the admission and retention policy are detailed in the Department of Theatre Arts Student Handbook.

Degree Requirements--Design/Technology/Stage Management

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree 
The program in design/technology/stage management prepares students for careers as designers, technicians, and stage managers in the professional theatre. During the junior year, students begin a concentration in either design or technology in the fields of costumes, scenery, lighting, sound, or properties. Students interested in concentrating in stage management do so beginning in the freshman year. All design/technology majors must present their portfolio for an evaluation at the end of each year of study. Students are retained in the program and accepted into the sophomore year of study based on maintaining an overall GPA of 2.0, continual growth as determined by the faculty, and successful portfolio evaluation at the end of each year of study. Before students can begin their junior or senior year, they must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in all design and technology classes and a 2.25 overall GPA. Students must also continue to show steady growth in their craft. They must demonstrate leadership skills and self-discipline and show promise of benefiting from continued training. Any student whose overall GPA falls below 2.25 will be suspended from production, graphics, and design classes and from using facilities until the GPA is raised. The faculty members reserve the right to totally suspend from a program any student who does not fulfill these continuing requirements. Students may be reinstated if the requirements are subsequently fulfilled. Students not performing in their academic or production assignments will be dropped from the program. 


Program Requirements: 


I. Wright State Core 38
Element 1: Communication 6
Element 2: Mathematics 3
Element 3: Global Traditions 6

Element 4: Arts and Humanities

Required: TH 2140

Element 5: Social Sciences 6
Element 6: Natural Sciences 8

Additional core courses

Required: ART 2140

II. Departmental Requirements 54-60

TH 1020(3), 1470(2),1510(3), 2020(3), 2100(8), 2190(3), 2260(3), 3010(3),

3200(5), either 3250 or 3260(3), 3510(3), 3800(3), 3810(3), 4100(6-12), 4330(3)

III. Related Requirements 15
COM 1040(3), DAN 1070 (2), DAN 1240(1), ENG 3000(3), HPR 2600(3), MUS 1140(3)  
IV. College Requirements  
V. Electives 14-20
Total 127