College or School: 
College of Liberal Arts
Program Type: 
African and African American Studies
Program Description: 

African and African American Studies Minor

The African and African America Studies minor offers students an opportunity to bring a scholar's mind to the study of Africa and the African Diaspora. An interdisciplinary curriculum enables students to gain a diverse perspective about African and African American cultures. 

The minor complements all of Wright State's undergraduate majors. It also facilitates the development of a global view that is essential for living in an increasingly multicultural society. The minor particularly promotes an understanding of African and African American humanity, heritage, and contributions to world civilization. 

Requirements for the minor can be fulfilled by selecting from course offerings in anthropology, art, economics, history, English and literature, music, political science, religion, social work, sociology, and theatre. A minimum of 18 hours is required, generally consisting of six courses from three areas: humanities (two or three courses), social sciences (two or three courses), and fine arts (from one to three courses). Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to enter the program and must receive a grade of C or above in all course work taken toward the minor. 

Program Requirements: 


II. Minor Requirements  
AFS 2000 3
AFS 4020 3
AFS 4030 3

9 credit hours chosen from:

AFS 3000
AFS 4000
AFS 4990
ATH 3010
COM 1040
EC 3450
ENG 2050
ENG 3400
ENG 4440
HST 3700
HST 4650
MUS 1170
MUS 2900
PLS 3250
PLS 4510
SOC 3600
SOC 3620
URS 3100
URS 4490

II. Related Requirements  
Total 18